Website Announcement Bar

Clearly Communicate Announcements

Drag and Drop elements to create your own announcement bar
for any website. No coding required!

Works on any content management system or website:

Simple installation!

Drop your code snippet into your page template or
add as a custom tag to Google Tag Manager.

Example code snippet

Drag and Drop Designer.

Easily create an announcement bar to match your website's look and feel, engage your audience and clearly communicate information using our drag-and-drop interface.

Drag and drop elements to build your announcement.
Choose from text or button elements
Customize content and text/background colours.
Looks great on desktops and mobile devices.
Multiple site support: control announcements across all your sites.
Set a custom announcment by URL of the page.


Here are some ways you can use an announcement bar to communicate to users on your website.

Announce available operational services during a pandemic.
Announce your latest promotions, sales or free shipping.
Announce your latest news, job postings or industry research.
Announce your new book, latest blog post or new project.
Announce your menu, opening hours, events or join a mailing list.
Announce scheduled maintenance, recent API change or investigating a known issue.

Learn why you should use an announcement bar
and how other companies setup their bar.