An announcement bar (also known as a sticky bar or notification bar), is a banner that usually appears at the top of websites. It is a quick, visual indication to their website users of some important information that the company needs to share with their users.

Companies who use announcement bars on their website…

Here are some popular websites that use an announcement bar to clearly communicate a message to users of the website.

Coronavirus announcement at Australia Post
Focus on particular content at freepik
Legal notices at Pinterest
Savings announcements at Samsung
Service announcements at Western Union
Information announcement at Yellow Pages

When to use an announcement bar

Here are some ways you can use an announcement bar to communicate to users on your website.

Announce available operational services during a pandemic.

Announce your latest promotions, sales or free shipping.

Announce your latest news, job postings or industry research.

Announce your new book, latest blog post or new project.

Announce your menu, opening hours, events or join a mailing list.

Announce scheduled maintenance, recent API change or investigating a known issue.